About the California Latino Economic Institute (CLEI)

The mission of the CLEI is to serve as a catalyst to grow the Latino Middle Class. In 2015, the California Latino Legislative Caucus partnered with the California Business Roundtable to create the CLEI as a stand-alone, independent organization focused on research to address challenges and opportunities to creating a sustainable and growing Latino middle class.

Today, California’s wide economic disparities, commonly referred to as “Two Californias,” fall largely along racial lines with Latinos precariously straddling the line between a growing underclass of poverty and a declining middle class. In fact, according to Stanford’s Center on Poverty and Inequality, 32.2 percent of Latinos in California live in poverty, 12 points higher than any other ethnic group and ten points above the statewide figure.

As an 501c3 - not for profit - organization (TAX ID: 81-3050673), CLEI Institute utilizes research to educate and engage stakeholders to achieve its mission. CLEI’s Board consists of business leaders, members of the California Latino Legislative Caucus, local Latino elected officials, prominent Latino academics and representatives from community/nonprofit organizations.